Introduction of
Medimaster’s Partner

Nitoms is a member of the Nitto Group

Nitto Group is a corporate group within Nitto Denko Corporation (Nitto) , a comprehensive materials
manufacturer that provides a wide range of products for various industries such as electronics, automobiles,
environment, and life sciences, as its parent organization.
In 2018, Nitto celebrated its 100-year anniversary since its founding. The group company is home to 92* companies in
Japan and overseas. We will strive to continue expanding our business in the future. *As of April 2019

Business Sectors

The name Nitoms is taken from Nit to H om e Product s . We are the only division in the Nitto Group
that manufacturers industrial materials, used to create products for consumers.

Top Class Technology

Our adhesive and film forming technologies are the center of our added value.

  • Processing

  • Film forming

  • Coating

  • Hot melting adhesive

  • Permeable and
    waterproof properties

    Allows air to pass, but not water

  • Folded up

    Stretches 2 to 3 times the size

  • Permeable and
    adhesive properties

    Although it is a tape, it possess
    permeable properties

  • Strong adhesion

    Difficult to peel off

  • Soluble in water

    Swells with water, making
    it peel off easily

  • Accommodates unevenness

    Kind to the skin

  • Dust removal properties

    Can be used on various floors

Top Class Technology

It is a sanitary material that is kind to the skin and is chosen by professionals in the medical field.

  • YU-KI BAN Non-Woven Cloth (Surgical tape)

    • Our exclusive skin-friendly gel adhesive makes it kind on the skin for those with skin conditions and/or babies.
  • PERMEROLL Lite (Film dressing)

    • A thickness of 8 micron that is so thin you’ll forget
      its even there.
    • It uses a highly permeable film, which makes maceration unlikely even if dressed for a long time.
  • YU-KI Adhesive Bandage

    • Sticky type bandage that uses a skin-friendly glue.
    • Fix securely the first time